We might be going cashless, though most of us aren’t only using coins or cards just yet. Children, in particular, may well use pennies when running a lemonade stand, but switch to something such as a Rooster Card when spending in-store or online. Having a place to put cards, and maybe a little old-style money as well, is wise. If you haven’t selected anything yet for your son or daughter, try one of our top choices, below. 

Illusion wallet, £9

Smiggle, the pencil case and school accessories retailer makes fun colourful wallets for a wide range of ages. This one, from Smiggle’s Illusion range, seems best suited to older children. It has a clear pouch for picture IDs and passes, as well as four card slots, alongside a large zipped compartment for notes and coins.


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Stephen Joseph Wallet, from £11.44

These nylon wallets are tough, easy to clean, and come in a range of early-years designs, featuring rockets, tractors, turtles, mermaids and unicorns. There are lots of storage pouches, and though the wallet might be a bit big for some kids’ trouser pockets, it’s fine for backpacks and bags.


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Rough Enough lanyard wallet, £26.60

These wallets are made for outdoorsy types and come with a lanyard, as well as a security key ring. In the wallet itself there’s a place for notes, coins, as well as cards and an ID pouch. It also has a name tag, so you can mark it as your child’s own. 

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Green Guru card wallet £17.84

This upcycled bike inner tube wallet comes from a Colorado, USA firm that specialises in diverting waste from landfill and turning it into cool, new products. Their slim wallet has two main card slots, as well as a clear window for IDs.

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Buckle-Down bifold Sonic the Hedgehog wallet, £22.93

Buckle-Down makes a lot of fun, simple wallets. We picked this Sonic design for the gamers out there, but you’ll be able to find plenty of others. The slim, bi-fold design means this isn’t great for coins, but it’s well suited to cards, and has a clear pouch for IDs, too.

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