Article by Belinda Kirk

RoosterMoney is now part of the NatWest Group

At RoosterMoney, our mission has always been to empower families to help their kids grow confident with money. Since we started in 2016 we’ve built an app and financial education platform that’s helped over 130,000 UK users do exactly that – and we’re not finished there!

 With the backing of NatWest – one of the UK’s largest high street banks – we aim to spread our mission even further 🤩.

NatWest’s vision aligns strongly with ours. They’ve always been heavily committed to financial education with initiatives like the MoneySense programme that’s been running for the last 25 years, and more recently the educational kids’ game Island Saver, launched last year. This shared passion for helping teach children about money and our complementary expertise will help unlock many opportunities for our Rooster families.

What does this mean for you?

In short, nothing will change just yet. We’ll still be the same team, with the same product and mission. So for now, just sit back in the knowledge that we’ll continue to give you the best service and deliver exciting features and improvements in the app.

We have however pulled together some questions that you may have, and provided answers below 👇