I have three kids aged 9, 8 and 6 – and here’s my pocket money routine…

The children like to know how much they have and they love that it’s black and white on RoosterMoney. Fairness is really important to kids and RoosterMoney is a great way for everyone to know where they are, including me!

With three children to manage, I need to keep a pocket money routine which everyone sticks to. On top of maths homework and sport, all three children have to complete 5 weekly tasks in order to receive their £3 weekly pocket money – invariably, all the tasks get done. If they don’t complete them, they get no pocket money. If the kids go above and beyond their usual jobs, I will give them extra boosts using my phone.

RoosterMoney has also proved to be a useful tool for discipline when needed! The lock feature, which lets parents stop regular pocket money at any time, I use when I need to.

When we are out and about and the kids want to get something, we check their accounts on my phone and I hand them the cash, deducting it from their account. This means we keep a record and the kids take a much more active role in deciding whether something is worth the cash or not.

The games are popular too (and not just with the kids!) and I encourage the kids to get on RoosterMoney and play, especially “’beat the clock” mental arithmetic: because I know that game is incredibly good for their maths!

The kids are much more aware of money and that’s in a positive way. Before using RoosterMoney, they would receive ad-hoc amounts from friends and family and would store it all over the place. They would be given £10 from their grandparents and hide it in their room and forget about it. They now know exactly how much they have and how long they have been saving for.

Photo kudos to Christopher Cox.