You can now view and manage all your family’s chores from one single place! This has been a highly requested feature, and we’re happy to share this update with you. 

What can I do with the “Master chores list”?

👀  View any chores you’ve added for all your kids in your family

✏️  Edit any chore, even if its not visible to your child currently

⭐  Delete chores – removing all instances of the chore from your child’s chores list

🧒  Filter the Master chores list based on who the chores are assigned to

How do you find the "Master Chores List"?

The quickest way to access the Master Chores list is via the Explore menu:  

  1. Tap on the ‘Explore’ tab at the bottom of your Parent dashboard
  2. Tap on “Master chores List”

The Master chores list can also be accessed from any of your child’s chores lists as well: 

  1. From your child’s Chores list tap the Settings cog in the top right
  2. Tap on “See Master chores list”

We hope this change makes managing your children’s Chores list easier. If you have any feedback or suggestions, let us know by tapping ‘Contact Us’ in the app. We’re all ears 👂 

The Master Chores list feature is only available with a Rooster Card subscription.

The Master chores list is available on app versions 6.7.0 or higher. Make sure you've updated to the latest version of our app to access these features.