Teaching Kids About Money

Teaching Kids About Money

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Needs Blog

#18 Needs & Wants List

Stay at home challenge – Needs & Wants List. Understanding the difference between needs and wants is key to good decision making in all aspects of life, not just money.

Deals Copy 3

#17 Find the best energy deals

Stay at home challenge – Find the best energy deals. Challenge your kids to find a better deal on your gas or electricity bills by turning them into your in-house savings expert.

Cause Copy 2

#16 Choose a cause

Stay at home challenge – Choose a cause. Discuss some potential causes your child could support, and encourage them to choose one that matches their interests and matters to them.

Savings Blog Copy

#15 Spot the best savings account

Stay at home challenge – Spot the best savings account. Get them checking comparison tables of children’s savings accounts, and find an account paying the highest interest.

Shop Copy 3

#14 Set up shop

Stay at home challenge – Set up shop. Playing shop is a great activity for the imagination as well as practicing some mental arithmetic.

Future Copy 3

#20 Future me

Stay at home challenge – Future me. This challenge is about having fun with all the possibilities ahead of you.

Fridge Copy 2

#13 Fridge Raiders

Stay at home challenge – Fridge Raiders. A simple game about a simple but important money concept – Needs vs Wants.

Pay Copy 2

#19 Which way to pay?

Stay at home challenge – Which way to pay? Cash is fairly easy for kids to understand, but other methods from plastic cards to smartphones can be trickier for kids to get their head’s around.

Selling Blog Copy

#12 Start Selling

Stay at home challenge – Start Selling. A great way to help your kids earn some money that may also help with the spring cleaning!

Dinner Copy 3

#11 Family Dinner Party

Stay at home challenge – Family Dinner Party. This one is a great way to bring together a lot of big money lessons in one simple… meal! Get the kids to organise Saturday night’s dinner.