Add Pots to your child's dashboard

For pioneers eyes only 👀

Saving and budgeting are such important lessons when teaching kids about managing money. To help your kids better visualise what they’re saving and budgeting for, we decided it would be great if you and your child had more freedom to add and customise the Pots on their dashboard!

As our Pioneer families, we’re excited to be giving you early access so you and your children can test it out. As this is the first phase in our Pots project, your feedback will help us understand if we are on the right track or if there are changes we should be considering. You can share your feedback with our team by tapping ‘Contact us’ from the app menu or by filling out this survey!

IMPORTANT: Make sure you update to app v7.7.0 to access these features.

How does it work?

In this initial phase, you and your child will have the option to add additional Pots by tapping the add (+) button on your child’s dashboard. From there you’ll be asked to give the pot a name and choose a colour for it. Once the changes are saved, your child’s new pot will be added to their dashboard!

The Pot works similarly to Spend and Save, you can boost or remove money and your child can transfer money towards the Pot as well.  It will also show the transaction history within the pot similarly to the other Pots.

We’ve also made changes to Transfers which should make it easier for your child to know where they are transferring their money to/from.

Important things to know about Pots...

🖐  Only 5 pots can exist on the dashboard at the same time. If you aren’t using the standard pots like Give or Goals, you can hide them from ‘customise dashboard’ to allow new Pots to get added. Find out more here!

🗑  Your child cannot delete a Pot once created, only a parent can.

🙅‍♀️  If a parent has created the Pot, the child cannot edit it.

✏️  If a child has added their own pot, they currently can’t edit it (but this will be available in the next phase).

🔨  You can edit a Pot by clicking the hammer icon within the Pot itself. From there you can change the name, colour or even delete it

Where we're going next 🎯

We are currently working on a new Goal pot that will let you surface your child’s saving goals to their dashboard. The difference between this and the simple Pot is that it will have a target amount for your child to save towards. It will also have some other functionality which we’re excited to share with you in due time!

We are also looking at extending some functionality that exists in our Save pot to the other pots, like locking the pot so your child can’t transfer money out and having interest apply for other pots. If you have thoughts or ideas around this, please let us know!

Let us know what you think! Contact us in the app or fill out our quick survey.

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