A Head Start with Money

We started Rooster Money because we believe that through an early and hands-on introduction to the world of finance, kids get confident with money. And this prepares them for a brighter future.

For some of us, the need to get to grips with money only really hits us when we start living with someone else, or when we have responsibilities such as bills to pay. It seems pretty crazy that so many of us muddled our way through learning about personal finance, given its  importance in our everyday lives. 

Our app will guide you through introducing kids to the fundamentals of the world of money: how to spend, save, earn and give. Ultimately, preparing kids to confidently take the reins of their own finances.

Pocket Money Matters

Like learning a language, it’s much easier to develop positive habits around money when you’re young. Research shows that we’ve formed many of our basic money habits by the age of 7 (Money Advice Service). Pocket Money offers us practical ways to introduce kids to some of those fundamental concepts that we will use for the rest of our lives. Enabling real experiences with, and regular conversations about, money. 

Like everything else on the list of parent ‘to-dos’, remembering who gets what and when with pocket money can get confusing. And as the world becomes increasingly cashless, it’s harder to make money tangible for our kids. So what do we do?

A family using RoosterMoney

Rooster Money Makes It Easier

Built for busy family life, our app introduces financial principles we were brought up with (or wish we were raised with!) and makes managing pocket money relevant and simple.

Rooster Money starts children on their journey to financial independence; through features such as our Star Chart, to a Virtual Pocket Money Tracker, then ultimately to their own prepaid debit card, the Rooster Card. We give kids the independence they want and parents the reassurance they need. The app has a bunch of flexible and helpful features that make managing pocket money straightforward, with both parent and child logins.

We also know what we are talking about. We’ve featured in The Times, Telegraph and Guardian, as well as the Wall Street Journal and Which? to name a few. Our Pocket Money Index also shares the latest insights about pocket money, straight from our user data.

Becoming NatWest Rooster Money

In October 2021, we joined NatWest Group. May 2022 saw us officially become NatWest Rooster Money: combining the decades of NatWest banking experience, with the  fintech expertise of Rooster Money. Wrapped up in a fresh new look, we’re now ready and excited to make an even bigger impact. 

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