Money Tips

A treasure trove of useful tips for teaching kids about money. From how much pocket money to give and age appropriate chores ideas, to fun money activities and printable reward charts – we’ve got you covered.



4 money-saving tips to enjoy Halloween on a budget

With Halloween just around the corner, kids will be getting excited at the thought of wearing their favourite costume and going on a night of trick-or-treating. However, it can get quite spooky thinking about all the money you might need to spend on a new costume, decorations and all the sweet treats. Figuring it out doesn’t need to be frightening – we’ve pulled together our top money-saving tips to help you enjoy Halloween with the kids on a budget.


5 ways to teach your child how to save money

Saving money isn’t always that easy but by teaching your child at a young age, they’ll be able to build good money habits to use throughout the rest of their life. We have rounded up our top tips to help you teach your child to become a savvy-saver.