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Pocket Money

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The True Importance of Pocket Money

We give our children everything. Do we really need to top that up with a little bit of extra cash every week or month? Perhaps. Don’t underestimate the importance of pocket money.

Illustration of appropriate phones for children

Rooster Recommends: Top 5 phones for kids

Ready to give your child his or her first handset? Or are they due an upgrade? Here’s a quick round-up of some of the best on the market, from cheap, internet-free models to entry-level iPhones

5 Fun chores kids will love

Searching for fun chores for your kids? Then try ones from this list, from RoosterMoney, the pocket-money app. We’ve got something for all ages.


New Year, New Allowance Routine

New Year, New Start – and a great time to introduce a new allowance routine. Allowance is a brilliant way to help your children learn about managing money. It can kick start conversations about budgeting, saving and working for rewards.

Skip chores, easy access to Interest & more

In app version 7.2.0, we’ve made it easier for parents to customize their child’s dashboard and introduced the new ‘Skip chore’ option and a way to switch between children’s chores lists for PLUS families! 🔨  Customize pots on your child’s dashboard: From within the pot – Go to your child’s dashboard Tap on the pot […]

Xmas Gifting

Looking for Rooster Card Gift Voucher and give them a year’s subscription to the Rooster Card. Hurry! Last orders are on the 23rd of December. On purchase,  we’ll send you a voucher code that will give the recipient a year’s free subscription to the Rooster Card.   With their very own Rooster Card, they will be […]

Earning Large

The Advantages of Pocket Money – A Parent’s Guide

It may just seem like another expense in the long list of regular outgoings, but there’s a number of very good reasons behind why we’ve been giving a regular amount of money to children for the past two hundred years. So let’s look at the advantages of giving pocket money!