Here at RoosterMoney HQ we know building good money habits isn’t just about having a pocket money routine, it’s about all those little conversations and money management decisions that go along with it too.  So we’ve pulled together a few guides that should help with some of those areas. We’ve split them into two categories ‘talking money’ and ‘managing money’.

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A Parent’s Guide to Premium Bonds

Premium Bonds are a saving account with added excitement. Instead of earning interest on your savings, you get the chance to win tax-free cash prizes every month. You might win a million pounds – or you might win nothing at all. However, unlike a lottery, you can always get your savings back. It’s worth noting that the Premium Bond rate is set to be cut in December 2020 which will affect your chance of winning.

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A Guide to Children’s Savings Accounts

Picking the right children’s savings account isn’t just a matter of spotting the highest interest rate. There’s a bewildering range of options, so first you’ll need to think about what you want from a savings account. Here we break down the basics for you.