Back to school

Take on the Term

A great start to the school year starts here. For back to school 2023, we've teamed up with Dr Martha, a clinical psychologist trained in family therapy, and created handy articles to make sure you feel ready to take on the term.

Fresh term feelings

Heading back to the classroom can bring mixed emotions for grown-ups and kids. These articles, videos and tips might help your family feel better about swinging back into the school routine.

Swing back into the school routine

Dr Martha gives her top tips for getting your family back into the school routine after a long break.

A parent’s guide to going back to school

We cover how to kickstart a term-time routine and how to prepare as a parent for their first day back.

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Budgeting for the new term

See our top tips on how to make your money go further for the things they need, and how to plan their allowance for school.

Get budgeting

Did you know that kids get an average of £6.42 weekly pocket money?

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Starting secondary school?

If you've got a soon-to-be Year 7, we're here to help your family get set for that leap.

Four things that matter before they start secondary

Dr Martha tells us the things that matter most for new Year 7s.

Signs of settled-in-success

Dr Martha explains the key signs to look out for that mean the shift to secondary is going well.

Manage the milestones

Feel ready to tackle the big milestones around independence, from mobile phones and walking to school alone to after-school freedom.

When to get them a mobile

Dr Martha walks us through how to make the call as a parent or guardian and how to feel safe as a family.

Reselling, babysitting and tutoring were the top earners for kids this year. Is your child yearning to earn?

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Walking to school solo

Whilst they might feel ready, are you? Our article could help you decide.

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Giving them after-school independence

As kids get older, they’ll want to spend their spare time differently. Here’s how to handle that newfound freedom.

Suss their free time

Ready for a Rooster Card?

Help them get to grips with money through their very own prepaid debit card, with alerts and controls for your peace of mind, and pots to start them saving and budgeting.

Card for ages 6-17. Fees and T&Cs apply. Parent/guardian must be 18+ and UK resident. Card designs subject to availability.

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Believe it. Become it.

Let’s build one million young people’s confidence and financial skills together, so we can turn their ambitions into reality.  NatWest Thrive’s got plenty to inspire your family:  from stories of young entrepreneurs, through to side hustle pointers and mindset tips.

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