Where you can use the card

Things we always block

The Rooster Card won’t let you make purchases from places that have classed themselves as ages 18+. We use the information that these places give themselves in the Visa Category scheme.

The categories that we block include:


Optional Parent Controls

Your parent can set extra controls on your card. Make sure you know what these are before attempting to spend! You can view where your card can be used by tapping on the card icon in the top left of your dashboard, then scroll down to “Card Settings” to view where your card can be used.

Your parent can choose which types of payment your Rooster Card can make. The options are:
Online purchases
Withdrawing money from a cash machine
Spending in shops
Spending abroad


What other payment services does the Rooster Card work with?

Public transport which takes card payments, such as TfL, will accept the Rooster Card.

If your Rooster Card is working in shops/ATM’s but isn’t working on public transportation, please make sure the you have turned on ‘online spending’ in the card settings. If you continue to experience problems, please get in touch via the in-app chat or email hello@roostermoney.com.

If you have any other questions or would like to know more about this, just tap the “Contact Us” button at the bottom of the menu to get in touch!