Data privacy is of utmost importance to us at RoosterMoney! We felt it was very important for children to better understand data privacy and their own rights over their data, so we’re super excited to share our new Children’s Privacy Policy!

This serves as both an educational guide for your children and informative on RoosterMoney’s policies (whilst complementing the overall Privacy Policy for parents). We’ve tried to convey quite a complex subject matter into an easy to digest manner, with pictures and diagrams to complement. We hope your children find it useful!

Children's privacy policy

Check out the policy!


The Children's Privacy Policy is accessible by your child with the latest app release (v3.14.0):

  • Your child needs to log in to their account
  • Click on ‘Settings’
  • Go to their ‘Account details’
  • Tap on ‘My privacy’ at the bottom

Their Privacy policy will load for them on their device.