Introducing RoosterMoney the FREE pocket money app

Need to get pocket money sorted? RoosterMoney is a pocket money app that helps parents teach their children the value of money in a digital age.

Simple and engaging for parents and children alike, RoosterMoney brings to life all the traditional financial principles we were brought up with (or wish we were!) and makes managing money smart, relevant and fun.

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The RoosterMoney app is free to use as a Stars or Pocket Money Tracker app.

This lets children keep track of their earnings, save towards goals, and develop good money habits, whilst parents oversee what money goes in and out – so you remain the Bank of Mum & Dad without having to make actual deposits

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Chore Management

Upgrade to our PLUS plan for our comprehensive chores management system so you can encourage your children to earn their pocket money and tick off their chores from within the app.


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The Rooster Card

Got older children? When you’re ready, get the Rooster Card and link it your RoosterMoney account so you can combine real spending with the educational features of the RoosterMoney app. This Visa prepaid card designed specifically for kids comes with:

  • Instant Notifications when your child makes purchases
  • Parental Spending controls so you can limit how much is spent and where.
  • Freeze/Un-freeze card instantly if stolen (or just lost!)
  • All the PLUS features included alongside your Card features.

If you sign up with code 3BNVM-3 we’ll give you £10 free pocketmoney when you take our your card subscription (see terms)

For more details on our market-leading, Rooster Card costs click here.

Get £10 with your first Rooster Card. Use code 3BNVM-3 when you sign-up

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How the Rooster Card works

Find out how the Rooster Card can help your child build good money habits.

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Our mission is to make financial education accessible so we have a FREE plan that comes without a card.

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Teaching Kids About Money

Our bite-sized guides on how to get those important money conversations started.

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