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    What is IFTTT?

    IFTTT (which stands for ‘If This Then That’) is a platform that connects different services together to make useful and fun things happen automatically. 

    There are 14 million users registered with the platform and there are over 75 million ”Applets” that lets you connect things to.

    An ”Applet” connects two or more apps or devices together. It lets you do something that those apps or devices couldn’t do on their own! For example, you may want to automatically turn your lights on at sunset or automatically order a pizza when it rains – there’s an applet for that! And if you can’t find one for you, you can create it yourself. 

    Why we’ve connected Rooster with IFTTT

    We believe that learning about money is best achieved through ‘’doing’’ and creating teachable moments as part of everyday life. The more interaction and touch points you have, the more opportunity you have to learn and this is a key part of developing financial capability. 

    So we built this for our Rooster Card families, as a way for your family to connect Rooster to additional devices and services, to make managing pocket money routines even more fun, educational and rewarding!

    Here are some applets we've made for you and your family

    Making your own Applet and more!

    Feeling inspired to make your own Rooster + IFTTT integration? Well, you have the flexibility to create your own Applet –  so your creativity is the only limit! ?

    From quick boosts from your device’s home screen to playing songs when a child’s account is boosted, we’ve created our Rooster Guide to IFTTT.

    This guide covers everything from how to set up your RoosterMoney account with IFTTT to steps on creating your own Applet.

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    If you’ve got any ideas for fun or useful integrations (or maybe you’ve created one already) we’d love to hear from you –

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