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    Animal-tastic Plant Pot Holders (Alana Mosimann)

    We loved this idea from Alana. Home-made plant pot holders using recycled plastic bottles. Beautifully hand-painted, they’re cute, useful and environmentally friendly. And by encouraging people to have more indoor plants it could help improve the quality of their air too. Alana would like to sell the pots for £5, or £10 with a plant included. At least half of all earnings would go to an environmental charity too.


    Let's Be Pawls (Clem, Ben & Agathe)

    A really clever idea from these 3 siblings. Let’s Be Pawls is a dog walking company run by three school children who love dogs but cannot have one of their own as they don’t have a garden. They walk your dog when you are too busy. As well as keeping your dog fit, they keep healthy themselves and give you time to work. They’ll also help train your dog according to their abilities.  We were very impressed by the quality of this entry, including a detailed breakdown of the team responsibilities, advertising and how to keep their clients.

    Happy Pup Meals (Chloe Rose Gunter)

    Chloe has a great idea to tap into the 23 billion dollar pet food market – get fast food restaurants to make small meals for dogs, in the same way McDonalds make kids’ meals. She would sell the idea to the restaurants with dishes like: steak, chicken & pork bites, and a cooked vegetable option like pumpkin, green beans or carrots. Meals would come with a small side of brown rice or doggie biscuits, and a squeaky toy surprise! As Chloe says, “A lot of people have their dogs with them and are out late, this way they might to a a restaurants instead of heading home…plus, people love to spoil their dogs!”.


    BestBooks (Phoebe Dent)

    Phoebe has set up personalised note-book service. They start at £3 and can be upgraded with different added features like pockets, bookmarks, tassles etc. She’s already sold 7 books, and has her own website here:

    The Little House of Bakes (Bethan Blake)

    Bethan loves all things cooking, cakes and bread. So she’s going to set up a local bread rolls delivery service. She’ll take orders up to Thursday, make the dough on Thursday/Friday night, bake them early Saturday morning, and then deliver them on her bike while they’re still warm!

    Football YouTube Channel (James Murawski)

    James has grand plans of mixing his passions for football and photography/film-making. He’s going to create a football focussed YouTube page. He’s found a discounted GoPro and will use the basic Windows video editor to start with. Once he’s made made some more money he’ll invest in more football and film-making equipment.

    Anti-Plastic Robot (Erin Goodall)

    Erin is in the eco council as school and when she heard that 1 million plastic bottles are produced every minute, she had an idea. The anti-plastic robot will detect when plastic is near and will be equipped with different tools to find and collect it. At the end of each day the plastic will be recycled!

    Nova Closet (Claire Cheng)

    Claire’s idea is a smart closet run by an app that helps you choose and visualize your outfit for the day. The name? NovaCloset! Once selected, the outfit is summoned from your closet, which is complete with motorized, rotating rods holding the hangers (like the ones you see at the dry cleaners). As Claire says “everything these days is becoming digital, or controlled by AI, eventually even something that seems as basic as your closet will be controlled by AI as well!”

    Mod Shoes (Eva Cheng)

    Eva plays soccer and needs a lot of different kinds of shoes for different playing surfaces such as cleats, indoor cleats, and turf cleats. She thought “wouldn’t it be cool to have only one pair of shoes, with multiple outer soles?”. They’ll look like a normal pair of shoes, but the outer soles will slide on an off using special grooves. A time and money saver!

    Battery Powered Pan (Juneau Fox)

    Juneau’s idea is a pan designed for backpackers. Instead of needing a stove to heat your pan, the pan heats itself using batteries in the handle. This will save lots of valuable space in the backpacker’s backpacks!

    FirWood Media (Sam Cutter)

    Sam wants to set up his own company called FirWood media. He’s use his current skills to create a video editing business that could be used to create videos of small businesses and his friends that want to showcase their video games skills. He’d offer his services at ‘a fair price’ and put the money towards advertising and business cards to get his first customers.

    Earth Mend (Sofia Spiegel)

    Sofia’s idea so make the most of kids extra time to find toys, objects and clothes in disrepair and do ‘whatever it takes’ to fix then and put them back on the market. This will help recycle them and also bring in a little extra cash.


    Potasty Crisps (Daniel James)

    Crisps made with potassium instead of salt as a healthier option.

    Cards For You (Bethany Stones)

    Personalised cards using recycled material.

    Mark My Words (Phoebe Mullen)

    Upcycling old books into new bookmarks.


    Feeling inspired? There will be more competitions coming soon. But in the meantime why not head over to our Primer on Earning for some more tips.

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