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A kids debit card and tracking app

Need to get pocket money sorted? Well now you can set aside the family’s pocket money in one place, and your kids can start making considered spending choices with their very own card!

Flexible parental controls let you choose where and how much your children can spend, and with real time spending notifications, you’ll be able to get track.


Chore Management

The Rooster Card comes with all our RoosterMoney PLUS features for free for the whole family. This includes a chores tracker so you can encourage your children to earn their pocket money and they can tick off their chores from within the app.

If you have younger children, they can use the app without a Rooster Card and track their pocket money, or other rewards such as stars, in the app through their own log in.

Roostermoney pocket card

Financial Education

The RoosterMoney app has been designed to teach children money matters. There are a number of great features such as goals so children can save up for items they want to buy, savings pots where parents can add ‘interest’ payments to encourage saving behaviour and charity donations.

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