Watching your child do something special for the very first time is a proud moment for any parent. RoosterMoney can help families commemorate quite a few of these important firsts, as kids take their initial steps towards becoming financially literate and capable.  That’s what Rooster Firsts is all about. RoosterMoney has put together a programme of challenges and prizes to support, guide and cheer on both parents and kids, as they take these important big steps together. Over the next few months we’ll be announcing a series of Firsts that kids and parents can take part in. In the process, we’ll single out a few winners, but everyone who takes part should gain important knowledge as well as fond family memories.

Share your First Purchase of the Year

We’re beginning this all with First Purchase of the Year, that important, initial purchase, when your child goes up to the counter (or online check-out) and buys something on their own for the very first time, with a Rooster Card. It could be the first time this year, the first time with the Rooster Card, or their first pocket money purchase ever. Whatever feels like a memorable moment for you.

Take a video of your child’s first purchase of the year, share it with us, and we’ll pick one lucky winner, and give them the money back on that first purchase (up to the value of £/$50), and a free Rooster Card, or Plus subscription, for a year. 

Ready to take part? Here’s what you’ll need to do

  1. Capture a video or photo of your child’s first pocket money purchase this year. Remember, it could be buying or receiving something you’ve bought online, it doesn’t have to be out at the shops.

  2. Share it on instagram tagging us @roostermoneyhq and using the hashtag #RoosterFirsts (or email us at with ‘Rooster Firsts’ in the subject line)

  3. We’ll then pick a lucky winner, giving them the money back on that first purchase (up to £/$50), a free Rooster Card or Plus subscription for a year, and a certificate recognising their achievements. 

Tips to help with that First Purchase

  • Top up the pot

Make sure there’s money to spend. Make sure your child moves enough money to cover that first buy into their Spend pot. If there isn’t enough in that pot to cover the purchase, it won’t go through. 

  • Don’t forget your numbers

Remember, you need the card and the app. The card can be used to make online purchases as soon as it’s activated. You’ll need the CVV, which you generate in the app. To use contactless spending in a store, your child will need to use their PIN first at an ATM or card terminal. They can find their PIN in the app too.

  • You’re in control

Choose where the card can be used. Parents can control whether the Rooster Card is used in stores, online or at ATMs. You can also switch off contactless payment and overseas spending. You control it all in Card Settings in the app. 

  • Remember, it’s for kids

Some places won’t take Rooster Cards – and you’ll thank us for that. You can’t buy everything via the card. Rooster Cards can’t be used in adults-only stores, such as off-licences and betting shops. Also, it can’t be used to book flights and hotels.

Tips for shopping in store

  • You’ll want to give yourself a bit of time for that first buy, so maybe pick a time when a store isn’t especially busy. That way, you can avoid a queue forming.
  • If your child is a bit nervous, pick a manned checkout, rather than a self-service till, so the staff can help if anything goes wrong.
  • Remember to stand back a little. It’s tempting to be close-by to help out, but you’re really teaching them to be independent. 
  • Record the moment. Their first buy is a bit like the first time they ride a bike. You’ll want to remember it. Video them if you get the chance. 
  • Get a receipt. We all used to keep cinema and concert ticket-stubs. Think of this as a first-buy memento.  

Tops for shopping online

  • Get the CVV code via the app. Most cards have a CVV or security number printed on the signature strip. Rooster Cards are a bit more secure. You generate a one-time CVV via the app.
  • Remember, the long card number and expiry date are on the back of the Rooster Card. We put it there for extra security. 
  • Make sure you recognise the website your child is using. If unsure, spend some place else.
  • Update your browser. It might sound unnecessary, but the latest browsers have the latest security features.
  • Look for the HTTPS or the Padlock icon in the URL. That means it’s secure.
  • Always log out when you’re done.
  • Gaming. Xbox, Playstation and other gaming platforms have their own payment systems, with different parental controls. You’ll need to familiarise yourself with them. Find out more here <<>>
  • Online subscriptions. If your child is buying a subscription, there needs to be enough money in the Spend pot to cover future payments. We will let you know if a payment doesn’t go through. Just enable notifications in the app.

Remember. Both you and your child can get instant spending notifications with the Rooster Card, telling you how much has been spent and where. Just enable RoosterMoney notifications in your phone’s settings. 

You can also set spending limits via RoosterMoney. These limits can be daily, weekly or monthly. After all, there are going to be lots more buys after this first big one!