Rooster Card Subscription Offer

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One Year Free Subscription to Rooster Card

Thank you for showing in an interest in RoosterMoney. If you have a valid Offer Code you can claim your year’s free subscription as follows:

  1. Email with “I want my free card” in the subject line
  2. Share your invitation code in the email
  3. We’ll be in touch to validate your code and instruct you how to claim your card

If you would like more codes to hand out to your friends because you think they will benefit from a free card the please leave your details below and we’ll get in touch.

I want more Offer Codes

Terms and Conditions of this offer:

  1. Only 1 card subscription is available for every code. Once it has been used, the code will expire.
  2. Only 1 offer code can be used per family.
  3. If you need a second card subscription in your family, we’ll arrange for payment to be taken for that subscription separately.
  4. All codes will expire at the end of August 2019
  5. The offer grants a year’s free subscription to the person who redeems the code  according to the rules of the offer. Subsequent periods of subscription will be charged at the normal rate.

Any questions, please contact