Today’s #StayAtHomeChallenge is a simple game about a simple but important money concept – Needs vs Wants. Those things that are essential in life, versus those that are nice but we could live without. Understanding this is the key to every good budget.  

The activity: Fridge Raiders

Get your kids to run through the fridge or store cupboard and work out what is a “need” and what is a “want”. Obviously not everything will be that clear cut, so it’s the debates that crop up that will prove the best lessons. We may all need to eat, but let’s face it, we could survive without ice-cream sundaes, or could we? You may agree that breakfast cereals are essential, but does that include those Lucky Charms? 


Take it further

Extend the game to the other areas of the house. The living room, their bedrooms etc.


Don’t forget: Prizes for sharing

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Got any more activity ideas?

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