It’s almost time for kids to head back to school. Feeling ready? Plenty of families will find it hard to get back into the swing of the academic week. However, you could ease your child into it by getting them a Rooster Card if they’re 6 or over. From travel to food, to giving them the independence they want: here’s 5 reasons to get a Rooster Card before term starts.

1. Contactless and online payments

The Rooster Card is a prepaid debit card for children over the age of six. Kids can’t go into debt with the card, and you can freeze its use any time via the app. It’s also contactless, which means kids can feel like grown-ups when they pay, and learn some practical financial skills. Used in conjunction with the Rooster Money app, it encourages kids to manage their money, by organising it under different headings: Card, Save, Give, or Goals.

Oh, and it also works online, letting them buy from Amazon or spend their pocket money on video games – but this can be turned off, if you prefer. It also can’t be used for adult services, such as gambling sites. See where the Rooster Card can’t be used here.

You’ll also get a really useful notification every time your child makes a purchase – so you can keep track of how much they’re spending, and where.

2. Travel

With the Rooster Card, say goodbye to lost lunch money, missing train tickets, and unexpected requests for after-school shopping trips. School children with a Rooster Card can pay for public transport, buy lunch at the canteen, and spend pocket money on the way home from school. You can even set daily, weekly, or monthly spend limits to help your children better understand money management by learning how to stick to a budget.

3. Let them own the budget for new term upgrades

Last year’s backpack might look a bit out of style, but should you be paying for it? With a Rooster Card, you can set some Rooster Goals in the app, and kids themselves can work towards these discretionary purchases. They can either set aside their pocket money, or do Chores set by you in the app. Or, you could add £35 for new stationery and a bag on their card, letting them choose how much to spend on fancy pens vs a cool backpack.

4. Real time notifications and instant freezing

The Rooster Money app sends you updates to let you know what your children are spending their money on. You can also give them a top-up via the app, if they’re running low on funds, or deserve a reward. You can even freeze their card, if they aren’t behaving themselves or have misplaced it.

5. Earn a bonus by referring new friends

Check out the full list of family friendly features that come with our Rooster Card here. You could set up chores to help perfect the shift back to school, such as ironing their uniform, getting their own packed lunch ready, or washing their PE kit!

Are you a NatWest, RBS, or Ulster Bank Customer?

You can get up to three Rooster Card subscriptions for free, for as long as you’re a NatWest Group customer. Find out more here.






Rooster Card for ages 6-17. Fees and T&Cs apply. Parent/guardian must be 18+ and UK resident.

NatWest Group offer is free for NatWest Group customers who retain their account and have mobile or online banking. For up to 3 Rooster Card subscriptions. Other fees may apply. T&Cs apply.