RoosterMoney can work brilliantly just for one parent managing pocket money. But it works even better if you get the whole family involved! If they aren’t already, get your kids logging in and taking responsibility for their cash.

Your kids can log in to their account just like you. From their account, they can see how much pocket money they have, create goals to save towards, put money in their Safe or check their statement. For PLUS users, kids can also tick off all those extra jobs they’ve done and we will cheer them over the finish line with their chores :)

So get them going now!

If your child has their own device.

RoosterMoney works on Android and iOS phones, tablets or indeed Kindle Fire devices. If you didn’t do this when you signed up you can create log in details for your kids from within your settings!

  • From your landing page select the child you want to get going.
  • Click on their profile image on their dashboard. In their settings, choose their details e.g “Jack’s Details”.
  • You will see a Username and Password. We create these automatically but update them to whatever will be memorable for your kids.
  • You can then either send them an email or text and pop their log in details in that or tell them directly.

To get set up on RoosterMoney kids should:

  • Download the app to their device from the iOS App Store, Google Play Store or Amazon Kindle Store.
  • Choose Log in
  • Use the credentials you created for them!

If your kids have a shared device or are using your phone using our Switch feature:

This works really well for families who might share a tablet device or even a phone. You’ll find the Switch icon top left on your landing page. Clicking this you will come to the family screen which will show everyone in the family.

  • Your kids can select their account and create a unique pin.
  • They can then log in to their account.
  • Once they have finished, they just go back to the switch screen.
  • To get back to the parent account, you just use your password which means no sneaky additions to pocket money pots from your account can take place 😄