Giving just got better

We’ve teamed up with JustGiving, the world’s most trusted online fundraising platform, to make it easier for you to make a donation within the App 🎉


We know that lots of families on RoosterMoney are passionate about supporting charities. Getting your kids into Giving can be a great opportunity to get them thinking about the causes and issues they are really passionate about supporting and looking at what impact their donations will have. We’ve now made it easier to track giving contributions and make a donation through the app!

With this update (v3.11.0) kids can now search for causes they are passionate about supporting and make a donation request once they’ve saved their desired amount. As a parent, you no longer have to keep a mental reminder to make the donation! Instead you now have the option to make a donation directly to their cause, if they are one of the 25k+ charities hosted on JustGiving.

Give to charity

How it works

  • When your child wants to make a donation, they can tap on ‘Give to a Charity’ from their Give pot
  • They can search for their charity from the JustGiving directory or add their own cause if it’s not there
  • They can even customise their donation with an image 📷
  • They choose the amount they’d like to give and send it to you for approval!

Search the JustGiving Directory

  • Parents will get a notification regarding the donation
  • If the charity was chosen from the JustGiving directory, you’ll get the option to make a donation via JustGiving

Pay a charity

  • For causes that have been added by your child, you won’t receive the JustGiving option, but can still confirm the donation as being made for your child.
  • And if you think your child’s not ready to make the donation yet, you can refund the amount back to their Give pot!

Don't forget!

Your kids and you can reflect on past activity and donations by viewing their Pot History. Just tap on the total amount towards the top of their dashboard to access the monthly history. Learn more >>