We’ve taken this gem of an idea from Laura Symonds (here on Facebook and Instagram). Setting up a tuck shop at home is because it not only teaches the kids some valuable money lessons, it also curbs the nagging, and can be really fun too. Win, win win!

The activity: Home Tuck Shop

  • Write out a list of snacks
  • Put prices next to each one
  • Stick the shopping list of the fridge
  • Give your kids a set amount a day to buy from the tuck shop (Laura suggests £1)
  • Now, every time they want a snack, they can come to you, choose what they want, and pay for it, counting their real money.

tuck shop list Tuck Shop Kids

Images from Laura Symond’s Facebook page

Don’t forget: Prizes for sharing

Let us know how you get on, there’s prizes for sharing. Either 1. Leave a comment or pic on the insta post 2. DM us, or 3. Email us at with ‘stay at home challenge’ in the subject. Each week we’ll pick 3 lucky winners from everyone that’s shared an update with us and send them a £/$10 Amazon voucher.

Got any more activity ideas?

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