Could your kids be the next Bill Gates? This activity is all about getting their creative & business minds going – unleashing their inner entrepreneur!???‍??‍??⠀

The activity: Unleash their Inner Entrepreneur

Whether it’s a plan for their first business, an awesome toy idea, or setting up a YouTube Channel, all kids have a entrepreneur inside them. Ask them to come up with the best money making idea they can think of! Ask them to write it down, or draw a picture of it.

  1. What’s it called?
  2. What’s the idea?
  3. Design a logo for it
  4. How will it make money?
  5. Why will people like it?

Take it further

Once they’re done ask them to present it to you, and talk it through with them. Help build on the idea with them. Is it something you could actually help them make happen?

Kiana Bosman

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