Watching your son or daughter do something special for the very first time is a proud moment for any parent. From saying their first words, to riding their bike for the first time, driving their first car, through to taking their first flight, heading off for their first day at school or university, right through to picking up the keys for their first home, mums and dads love to celebrate and support these important milestones.

RoosterMoney can help families celebrate quite a few of these important firsts, as kids take their initial steps towards becoming financially literate and capable. Think of their initial star chart, their first purchase with the Rooster Card, right up to their first shopping trip, their first time spending money abroad, their first order in a cafe or restaurant, their first online order, and the opening their first proper bank account. We want to make those big moments not only easy and educational, but also memorable, celebratory and shareable. That’s what Rooster Firsts is all about.

So what is Rooster Firsts?

RoosterMoney has put together a programme of challenges and prizes to support, guide and cheer on both parents and kids, as they take these important big steps together. Over the next few months we’ll be announcing a series of Firsts that kids and parents can take part in. In the process, we’ll pick out a few winners, but everyone who takes part should gain important knowledge as well as fond family memories.

How does it work?

We’re going to start this series with First Chore Routine of the Year.

  1. Simply take a video, a screenshot, or a photo of your child’s chore routine – it could be the work undertaken, the finished result, or even a before-and-after collage, if you’re feeling adventurous – whatever is a good fit for you. It can be something as simple as tidying away toys, or something as drastic as redecorating the house. And it doesn’t have to be your child’s very first time. It could be the first time this year, the first time with RoosterMoney, or their first really successful go at this particular task – we just want to see chores in action. Oh, and kids can take these photos and videos too!
  2. Share it with us by emailing us at using ‘Rooster Firsts’ in the subject line, or via instagram, tagging us @roostermoneyhq and using the hashtag #RoosterFirsts.
  3. We’ll pick one lucky winner each month, and reward them with:
    1. a £50/$70 voucher (which should pay for quite a few chores),
    2. a free Rooster Card or PLUS subscription, for a year.
    3. a certificate recognising their achievements.

Read full Terms and conditions here.

Let’s take those first steps together.