With app version 7.7.0 there are no more excuses for messy bedrooms. 

Now when you go to add a new Chore – or edit an existing one – you’ll have the option to add a reminder for your child.

The reminders are set at an individual chore level and can be scheduled for a specific time. So if you have a chore called ‘Clean the bedroom’ due on Saturdays, you can set a morning reminder at 9am and your child will get notified at that time each week!

🔔  IMPORTANT: In order for your child to receive these reminders, they need to have push notifications enabled on their device. Just to be aware, we do aim to notify your child at the set time, but occasionally it may get delayed by a few minutes.


🌴 What if we want to pause reminders while we’re on holiday?

No chores on holiday required, no problem. You can disable your child’s reminders from their Chore Settings. Just tap the settings cog from your child’s chores list and Tap the ‘Enable child reminders’ toggle to disable it. When you’re back, you can re-enable it, and the reminders will get sent as normal.

🧹 Chores is a premium feature available for Rooster Card families. Learn more about our plans here!

Make sure you update to v7.7.0 to get access to these latest changes. If you have any feedback, ideas or questions, tap Contact Us in the app to get in touch with us!