Article by Gina Spampinato

Revealed: The top chores set to keep kids busy this summer

“What I love about this data is it shows how adept children are getting at upping their pocket money. Understandably, fewer parents are now giving a regular allowance, but what we’re consistently seeing is this entrepreneurial streak shining through as kids rise to the challenge and find new ways to maintain their spending power. And from a parental perspective, it’s fantastic to see families encouraging behaviour through positive, practical means, empowering their kids to earn and learn about the value of money at the same time.

“With all that free time stretching ahead, a limited budget and plenty of household jobs to be done, there’s no doubt the summer holidays are a hugely valuable learning opportunity. It really is a win-win for both parents and kids.”

Will Carmichael, CEO of NatWest Rooster Money