This year’s Halloween falls on a Saturday – which means it’s got the potential to be spooktacular for the whole day, especially as when nightfall creeps, the skies will be illuminated with a full blue moon (which only happens every 18-19 years)! 

But, there’s that one notable thing that sets Halloween 2020 apart from other years – the coronavirus pandemic and all that comes with it. So we’ve brainstormed some ideas for ways you and your kids can have a spooky and safe Halloween!

1) Virtual costume competition 🧟‍♀️ 🧟 🖥

At this point, most of us will be well-versed in virtual get togethers – so why not organise one for your kids and their friends? 

You and the other adults can set the criteria – whether that’s creativity, originality, effort, or even ‘spookiness’ for extra bonus points.  

Then when Halloweekend comes, get the kids in their costumes and invite their friends (with their parents’ permission, of course) to the video call party to get the scare-fest on!

2) Creepy story battle 📚 😱

Spark your kids’ imagination and encourage them to write their own scary stories. This is an excellent way to sharpen up their creative writing skills but will also double up as eerie entertainment – a win win!

Get them to share it with their friends on a video call and their friends can share theirs’ too. If you have more than one child, get them to tell each other their creepy stories then let them decide which one was the creepiest.

Optional: Telling the creepy story with the lights off and just a flashlight on…

3) Scary movie showdown 🎃 🎥

There’s nothing that screams Halloween more than watching a scary movie.

Set a competition between siblings or friends to find the scariest (but age-appropriate) movies. Then on the night of Halloween, have a movie marathon (if doing virtually, just remember to press play at the same time!) and vote on which one was the scariest. The one with the most votes wins some extra sweets!

Here’s a list of scary movies for kids that are creepy enough without being traumatising.

4) Conjure up a Halloween playlist ⚡️ 🎵

A simple but effective one for setting the eerie or fun mood – you choose!

Create a Halloween playlist with your kids and blast your favourites for a dance party, or just have it in the background when you’re making a spooky snack or decorating the house (more on these below).

5) Make a spooky snack 🍪 🧛

If your kids enjoy spending time in the kitchen, you can get them to make spooky treats! 

Check out this great selection of Halloween themed recipes – from spider cookie truffles to marshmallow ghost brownies and more.

5) Homemade decorations 🕸 🕷

DIY decorations aren’t only fun to make, but also look fantastic in your home. It’s also a brilliant way to get the kids involved in transforming your home into a ghoulish masterpiece. 

Here’s a great video tutorial for DIY Halloween Decorations. Check it out to see how to make ghost garlands, pom pom spiders, and more!

We hope this helps spark some inspiration for your family’s Halloween? If you’ve got any other ideas on what we should cover next, please let us know at