Our 12th #StayAtHomeChallenge will not only help your kids earn some money, it may also help with the spring cleaning!  

The activity: Start Selling

Ask your child if they have anything they’re willing to sell (although ideally not their siblings) to earn some money. If they have a specific goal in mind (new trainers?) that might help motivate them. It could be old clothes or toys they’ve grown out of. Then help them sell online them online using sites like eBay or Facebook. Or once lockdown is over, you could even host a card boot sale. Next stop, The Apprentice!


Take it further

Show the difference between the selling price and any costs involved, like paying for listing fees and postage.


Don’t forget: Prizes for sharing

COMPETITION HAS NOW CLOSED. Follow us on instagram to make sure you catch the next one.

Got any more activity ideas?

Please share with us at hello@roostermoney.com and we’ll share as many as we can on social, giving you the credit of course :)