Article by Gina Spampinato

UK kids set their sights on £6.7bn in savings as they look to their new year’s resolutions

Top 10 new year’s resolutions (average list):

How well do they stick to these goals?

“The behaviours and perceptions that we establish around money in our early life are often those that remain with us into adulthood. So the new year - as a time for reflection and resolve - can be an excellent time to help kids get their relationship with money off to a good start. One way to do that is by setting savings goals, which introduces kids to concepts like the value of money, earning, and making considered choices about how we use our money.

“And what’s really striking is the size of some of the targets being set. They average out to almost £700 per child - reflecting the huge aspirations of children when they are given the chance to set targets for themselves.

“That brings us back to the core of NatWest Rooster Money’s purpose: enabling families to help kids build key life skills around money, together. We give them a safe place to explore and have a bit of fun with money concepts like saving, before putting it all into practice as grown-ups. It’s clear that young people already have great financial instincts - and we’re here to guide those earlier steps towards their best financial futures.”

Will Carmichael, CEO of NatWest Rooster Money