When RoosterMoney set out to introduce the Rooster Card, how to keep your children’s money safe was priority number one!

From having all card details printed on the back, to removing the CVV altogether from the physical card, all the way to generating single use verification codes, these were all designed keeping your child’s safety in mind. 

We were one of the first companies to introduce Dynamic CVV and through your feedback we’ve learned what works well and what could be clearer to help your kids use this security feature well. 

What’s new?

In our latest app version (6.6.0), we’ve made updates to Dynamic CVV so your kids can easily see when their 3 digit CVV code has been used and if a new one is required. This avoids your child trying to use the same CVV code twice when an online shop asks for it in close succession, which can happen sometimes when you’re storing as well as using the card 

With this change, as soon as the CVV is used, the screen in the app will update to let your child know it’s expired and they can generate a new one. 

Additionally, if your child enables push notifications for their device, they can stay informed when a card purchase has been made successfully. The notifications are also really handy if for some reason the payment has failed, with reasons included so your child knows what to do next. 

You can find out more about using dynamic CVV here!

Make sure to update to the latest app version to see these changes: