Article by Alex Rayner

Giving Something Up and Money

Sometimes, you have to give something up to save money

Ask the kids:

What would incentivise them to give something up - money-wise? Is it help with adding interest on their savings (like a bank would), or something else, like setting spending limits?

Understanding the past

Ask the kids:

Ask them to speak to an older family member or family friend about what it was like when they were a child. Did they have 3 meals a day plus snacks?

Self control might help us lead more successful lives

Ask the kids:

Offer them one of their favourite quick snacks after tea, but also give them the option to hold out for a bigger reward later on, like ice cream. Do they go for their usual snack, or wait for a yummy treat?

Save your way happy

Ask the kids:

Why do you think people feel happier when they spend less and save more? What is something you would be willing to have less of, if it meant you could save up more?

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