Rooster Card Back to School Offer



Thank you for showing in an interest in RoosterMoney.

Terms and Conditions of this offer:

  1. To receive the Back to School offer, customers should download the app from the app store, sign up and subscribe to a Rooster Card
  2. Customers that use the following code ‘ROOSTER9’ when they subscribe to a Rooster Card within the RoosterMoney app will receive a 20% discount on the standard Rooster Card subscription charged in the first year.
  3. This charge will only be taken, after any applicable free trial period has expired.
  4. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with other offers, other than the free trial offer.
  5. This offer applies to all Rooster Card subscriptions taken out by the family as long as the code remains valid at the point subsequent cards are taken out.
  6. This code will expire on the 30th of September 2019

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