If your kids are looking for ways to earn some extra money this summer and they’re good with animals, then looking after pets could be the answer. P.s. the ideas below are all about helping with other people’s animals… so it’s a win win for helping others and the animals too! 🤗

⚠️  Rooster Reminder: Please make sure you’re sticking to government guidelines with all the ideas below.

Some ideas to get you started (in order of ease):

🧹 Cleaning out cages, hutches or litter trays

It’s a messy job, but an easy one. Your kids can help out pet owners that are likely more than happy to hand over this task.

🐰 Pet sitting

 If any family, friends or neighbors are away, your kids can feed their pets and make sure they’re well looked after and happy!

🐕 Dog walking

Providing it’s safe to do so, your kids can walk dogs for neighbors that are currently unable to do it themselves to earn some extra money.

🐱 Dematting cats’ fur

If your kids love and know how to handle cats, they can help to de-mat cat fur for any cats in need. Make sure that they have the right tools, know what they’re doing and take it gently or they could suffer some damage from cat claws! Here’s a helpful article listing out the right tools and tips to painlessly groom your pet.

🐶 Help train dogs

Upping the skill-level a bit here, but if your kids know how to train dogs (i.e. teaching dogs how to sit, lay down etc), they may be able to offer assistance to other pet owners needing help. Probably one that’s best suited to older kids who really know their stuff when it comes to dogs!

🐴 Horse stables

OK, maybe not quite a pet, but this is a great one for kids who are experienced with and love horses! They may be able to earn regular money by helping out at local stables. The jobs here could vary from helping groom the horses, general yard duties such as cleaning tack, mucking out and gardening.

Got any more ideas on how kids can earn money this summer? 

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