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The head start card for kids

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Get our contactless card for kids, the Rooster Card, with flexible parental controls and alerts so you can choose where and how much they spend. They can manage their pocket money into pots, build their own savings goals, and take the next steps towards confident money management.

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Card for ages 6-17. Parent/guardian must be 18+ and UK resident. Card designs subject to availability. Subscription fees apply via auto renewal after first month’s trial has ended, £19.99/yr or £1.99/m. Other fees may apply. (T&C apply).

Get the Rooster Card!
Your kids can start making considered spending choices, online and in stores, with their very own contactless debit card.

Flexible parental controls let you choose where and how much your kids can spend, and with no risk of going overdrawn, you can let your kids take the next step towards confident money management.  Our secure card, built 100% with children in mind, will help prepare them for when they need their own bank account in the future!

Spend and top-up limits apply. See details on fees and limits here.

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Eligibility criteria apply.

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Hand over independence & maintain peace of mind

The Rooster Card lets them make considered spending choices with their own card – while you decide how much responsibility to hand over. 

  • Decide where it can be used: in stores, online or at ATMs
  • Set flexible spending limits: Daily, Weekly or Monthly
  • Instant top-ups (so they’re never caught short) 
  • Real-time notifications on when & where they spend 
  • All managed on-the-go-through the Rooster App (for parents & kids)
  • Quick & hassle-free set-up

Pick their favourite

Making choices is a big part of growing up, and money.

When you order their Rooster Card, kids can pick from our trio of free designs. Or you could go for something a bit special – like these ones.

Find them all in your app.

Designs shown are £4.99. Card designs subject to availability.

As seen in

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Eligibility criteria apply.


Build good money habits

With a contactless prepaid card linked to their Card pot, kids can:

  • Log in to their own child account to manage their money
  • Practise making considered spending choices
  • Learn to earn with our chore-tracking feature
  • Build their own Goal pots to save towards
  • Receive instant spending notifications
  • View spending habits via statements
  • Buy things online and in store with no risk of going overdrawn

Ultra safe & secure

We know safety is paramount when it comes to our kids which is why we’ve built in cutting-edge security features. This includes our one-time CVV system, which replaces the standard 3 digits on the back of the card, and significantly reduces opportunities for fraud.

  • Freeze/Un-freeze card instantly if stolen (or just lost!)
  • Decide where the prepaid debit card can be used: in shops, online or at ATMs
  • Cards can’t be used in shops with over 18s merchant codes (like off licences & betting shops)
  • One-time CVV – for more secure online purchases
  • No overdraft, no debt, no risk of overspending
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Eligibility criteria apply.


Anyone can contribute

Your Rooster Money Parent Account comes with its own sort code and account number. So gran and grandad can easily contribute to your children’s saving – useful at birthdays and Christmas!

  • Your own family sort code and account number
  • Easy payments in, by anyone
  • Quick & hassle-free set-up

And still with all our existing Rooster features

The Rooster Card is designed to be the perfect graduation from the Rooster pocket money tracker, so when you upgrade, everything works seamlessly with all our existing features.

  • Pocket money tracking
  • Easy allowance management
  • Advanced chore tracking system
  • Auto-split allowance between Card, Save and Give pots
  • Parent-paid interest
  • Charity donations, powered by Just Giving
  • And more – we are always adding new features!

And of course, lots of tips and advice on having positive conversations about money, starting with our Primers.