What type of card is the Rooster Card?



The Rooster Card is a prepaid Visa card which you can use worldwide, anywhere that accepts Visa cards. You can use it at home, on holiday, online, at cash machines and on the high street.

Who are Visa?
Visa is a ‘Settlement Network’. This means that they help transfer money from one person to another. When you make a payment with your card, your money goes from your account to Visa. And then from Visa to whoever you are paying.

What is a prepaid card?
A prepaid card is a type of payment card. You add money to them, and because they are not linked to a bank account, you cannot spend more than you have. It is safer than carrying cash because if it gets lost you can instantly freeze the card. This prevents anyone else from being able to spend your money.

How does my Rooster Card work?
Your Rooster Card holds the money that is in your Spend pot. The amount that you have in there is what you can spend. Your parents can also set spending limits so make sure to check these before using your card.

We have designed the Rooster Card to keep you safe by blocking spending at places classed as for ages 18+. So even though they accept Visa cards, your Rooster Card will not work. You can read more about how we do this here.

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