Using Rooster as a Foster Family

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RoosterMoney has been helping Foster families manage their pocket money for some years and we’re proud to offer that support through our pocket money app and the educational resources provided alongside.  We believe that the world would be a better place if we all started talking to our children about money a little earlier in life, and that’s no different if you’re a child in  foster care. We’ve worked hard to make RoosterMoney relevant to Foster Families, whether you want  to transfer your subscription between children or download  pocket money statements to help you keep track for your Social Worker – we’re here to help.

Hear from a foster family using RoosterMoney

Dobbs family, fooster family at RoosterMoney

Hear from a foster family using RoosterMoney

'‘A really useful thing about RoosterMoney is the ability to show at child care reviews, to social workers… that we can evidence the child’s pocket money and spending - you can just show it on the app and it’s instant!’'

Naomi, mum of 4

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Never forget to give pocket money 

Set an allowance to get automatically delivered to your child’s account on a specific day. Or, if you prefer to manage it ad-hoc, you can Boost them money as and when!

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Keep Track

Use our statements in the App to track and download records of pocket money transactions. Your child can log in too!

Saving pot screen from RoosterMoney app

Separate Money into Pots

With the Spend, Save and Give pots, you can encourage your kids to set aside money for later or donate towards causes they support. You can also use the ‘Split Allowance’ feature to automatically divide their allowance into different pots and apply pot restrictions to give you the control over spending you might need.

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Spending with the Rooster Card

Upgrade to the Rooster Card and your children can use their pocket money online or at the shops with your oversight. Set flexible spending limits and receive instant spending notifications so you can maintain peace of mind.

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Saving for Goals with RoosterMoney app

Help them save towards the things they want

In a world of instant gratification it’s easy to forget that good things take time. Your kids can learn the value of money by setting up Goals they can gradually save towards.

RoosterMoney app - chores for children to earn cash

Earn money through chores

Access our Chores Manager with the Rooster Card and you can tie pocket money earning to chore routines in any number of ways to suit you and your family; and chores can be created by the parent or carer to suit the child’s age and ability.

How can I help article from RoosterMoney

Transfer Your Subscription

If you’re  a foster family and you’re worried about the cost of the subscription if the child in your care moves homes, don’t worry we can cater for that by transferring your subscription to another child in your care.  You can do this in the app by tapping ‘Manage subscriptions’ from ‘My subscriptions’ or you can tap ‘Contact us’ in app to speak to our Support team.

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