Our Creative Card Range

    Already got a Rooster Card? Change the design in your app:

    1. Tap on ‘Card’ underneath your child’s name
    2. Select ‘Choose a new card design’
    3. Choose your card. If your card is a gift, make sure to tap the "This card is a gift' box. This means the card will be sent to you, and not your child.
    4. Follow the steps to check your address.
    5. Check your payment details and tap ‘Pay now’.
    6. If you ordered this as a gift, don't activate the card before you gift it.

    If you haven’t upgraded to a Rooster Card yet, you can find out how to do that here.


    Kick Start

    This bright green football themed card is a real crowd pleaser!

    Go Glittery

    Sparkle like everyone’s watching with this rainbow glitter card.

    Feline Fun

    The kooky cat on this card has hugeee shiny eyes! Weird but wonderful.

    Play Hard

    Get your game face on with this geometric controller card.

    Dotty for Dogs

    This card has special spots that shine when you move the card around.

    Space Rodeo

    Unicorns AND an astronaut make this card lightyears cooler!

    Time to Shine

    The shiny dots on this card make it a show stopper.


    A super-glowy, shiny jelly fish stands out against a deep sea background.

    Wild Adventure

    With a bunch of cool animals on this card, you can show off your wild side.

    Shoot Hoops

    This card feels a bit like a real basketball – slam dunk!

    Bright and Smiley

    Laugh out loud and get your silliest face on. The blue on this card is super bold.

    Manga Mania

    Illustrate your love for anime with this cheeky card.