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Need to track chores? Kids not ready for a debit card? Rooster PLUS is for you – providing additional building blocks to power up your account.

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Why upgrade to Rooster PLUS?

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Encourage Earning

Tie their pocket money to Chores to encourage earning

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Incentivise Savings

Set up an Interest Rate to incentivise savings

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Develop Budgeting Skills

Set up Regulars for things like magazine subscriptions to develop budgeting skills

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Involve Everyone

You can add Unlimited Guardians to get the whole family involved

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Teach your kids to earn money

Set Chores for them to unlock their allowance.

In addition to setting up a regular allowance and ‘boosting’ your child’s account, with PLUS you can set Chores to be completed to earn their pocket money.

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Incentivise good saving habits

Set up an Interest Rate on their Save pot and reward them for the money they set aside.

The Save pot encourages kids to set some money aside for the future (think of it as a rainy day fund). With PLUS you can set an Interest Rate and their interest will get added to their Spend pot at the start of each month!

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Develop budgeting skills further

Set up Regulars for things like magazine subscriptions or Netflix.

The Goals, Save and Spend pots can all be used to help explain basic budgeting. With the Regulars feature in PLUS, you can set up recurring payments for things you want your kids to contribute to.

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Get the whole family involved

With Unlimited Guardians, you can add extra contributors to your child’s account.

With PLUS you can securely add Gran, Grandad, your favourite Auntie or anyone you wish to your family account- so it’s easy for everyone to top up their savings. We’ll keep track of who has given what so everyone knows where they are.

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