In app version 7.4.0 we’ve added a Contactless Counter to help you and your child keep track of how far they are from hitting their Strong Customer Authentication limit. 

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) was put in place as part of EU regulations to help reduce fraud and make payments safer.  For Rooster Card users, this meant kids would be asked for payment and identity authentication more regularly to ensure that the SCA requirements were met. This led to children frequently having their contactless payments declined due to them hitting their SCA limit. In app version 7.3.0 we introduced ‘Reset Contactless’ to help combat this issue.

To satisfy the periodic SCA identity checks, instead of entering their PIN at checkout, you and your child would have the option to reset the SCA “counter” directly via the app with ‘Reset Contactless’. Although we had push notifications to keep you posted when your child was nearing their limit, we wanted to make things even clearer! So we added the Contactless counter which counts the number of contactless transactions made in a row and how far your child is from hitting their SCA limit. Hopefully this lets you and your children proactively reset contactless to avoid the need to use their Chip & PIN in store.

Every time contactless is reset, your child will be able to make 5 consecutive or up to £135 in contactless transactions before they’ll be asked for their PIN, or until contactless is reset on the app again.

You an find the option to Reset Contactless by following these steps:

  • Tap “Card” under your child’s name on the family dashboard
  • Tap “Reset Contactless”
  • Tap the button to confirm your child has their card
  • Your child’s contactless has now been reset

Note: before you can Reset Contactless, you will be asked to verify your device through steps shared in the app.

Keeping you posted

If you have push notifications enabled for NatWest Rooster Money, we’ll let you and your child know when they’ve hit 5 contactless payments in a row, and when their next payment would require a PIN. Tapping on the notification will take you to the Reset Contactless screen so you can quickly and easily reset it there. You can click here to find out how to enable notifications.


If you have any questions about Strong Customer Authentication or Reset Contactless, please get in touch with the team via the ‘Contact Us’ button in the app or via

Make sure you've updated to at least app version 7.4.0 to access these changes: