What is RoosterMoney?

RoosterMoney is an online piggy bank designed to help families keep track of pocket money, give rewards and manage an allowance for kids.

RoosterMoney acts as an online piggy bank so everyone knows what’s what. Whether you are looking to keep track of money given to your kids as an allowance, or know how much has been awarded for jobs around the house, we transform the way families manage money by making it easy for parents and fun for kids.

No more money lost behind the sofa or inside the dog, our app lets you keep track and carry it with you on your phone, whether you are on the school run, at the shops or on holiday. Everyone knows what’s what and can check their balance and goals, so your kids can make decisions about whether they really want to get something.

Parents remain in charge of the money, so you don’t have to make deposits and can hand over the money when your kids want to get something with their money.



Why should I give pocket money?

We don’t believe that pocket money has to cost you a lot. However much you give can help get your kids into good money habits early on. Pocket money helps children learn the value of money, the opportunity cost (if they get one thing it will be at the expense of another) and that you need to save some of what you earn. Using a piggy bank will help your family have positive conversations about the value of money and develop habits that stick with them for life.

RoosterMoney’s mission is to take children from their first steps in understanding the value of money to their first bank account.