Article by Alex Rayner

RoosterMoney’s Christmas Gift Guide rundown

Here’s our reviews of the stuff you guys want for Christmas 🎄🎁

What’s on your Christmas list? Well, we’ve had an (anonymised) peek at the kind of things RoosterMoney users are saving for during the run up to Christmas. Here’s our overview of the top ten items.

1. Playstation

Sony’s gaming console and its games top the list of saving goals for RoosterMoney users, and for good reason. The latest version of this, the world’s most popular gaming machine, the Playstation 5, has been praised for its speed and performance, as well as super realistic imagery. Unfortunately, a chip shortage (brought about by the pandemic) has made it harder to buy the new console, so you may need to do a bit of shopping around before you secure one of these. 

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2. Lego

The Danish building brick behemoth has stayed on top of Christmas lists, partly because of its canny deals with popular entertainment brands, such as Marvel, Star Wars and Harry Potter. Highlights for this season include Lego City Stuntz jump bike sets, as well as a replica of Barcelona FC’s Camp Nou, and the playful version of the house from the classic Christmas film, Home Alone (left). 

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3. Nintendo Switch

This handheld gaming device may have come out in 2016, but it remains popular half a decade later, thanks to Nintendo’s enviable games franchises such as Mario and Animal Crossing, as well as its modest pricing. The Switch Lite – Nintendo’s lowest-priced option, pictured– comes in at £199, while the new OLED version can be priced as highly as £393.

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4. Computer

A decent desktop or laptop computer is one tech purchase that most parents and children regard as crucial, so we aren’t surprised to see RoosterMoney users saving up for such a device. There are thousands to choose from, though we’ve gone for the MSI Modern 14. This costs just under £400, comes with Windows 11, has a full HD 14-inch display, an aluminium body, and is powerful enough to cover off pretty much all homework tasks, as well as streaming, chatting and a little light gaming.

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5. Roblox

Not so much a game as a platform that allows users to play games designed by others, Roblox is free to download and play. So why is it on our Christmas list? Well, players can upgrade and adorn their characters with all sorts of fancy in-game bits, via the Roblox store. To get these, they’ll need some Robux, the game’s currency. Getting this for Christmas? You can choose between a one-off purchase, a monthly subscription, via the Game’s own site, or pick a physical gift card. Digital purchases start at £4.59, while gift cards are priced from £10. Before signing off on this purchase, however, you may want to read our guide to Roblox, and our guide to video game currencies.

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6. iPad or tablet

Is it a TV, a web browser, a proper computer, or a substitute for a phone? It’s sort of all these things, which is perhaps why kids love them. RoosterMoney users have added quite a number of different makes and models to their ‘goals’ pots recently. iPads are, of course, popular, but we’re pretty impressed by Amazon’s Fire HD 10 Kids Pro tablet. It has fairly big 10.1″ HD display, a protective case, a two-year guarantee and a year’s access to of Amazon Kids+, the tech giant’s carefully selected suite of books, movies, TV shows, educational apps and games

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7. Fortnite

Again, Fortnite, the fantastically popular fighting game, is free to play, but appears on our Christmas list, thanks to the accessories and outfits offered via the game’s store. As with Roblox, these can be purchased with the game currency, V-Bucks. And, now, this Christmas, Epic Games, Fortnite’s developers, are also offering gift cards. The cards and the digital V-Bucks purchases begin at £6.49. Again, you may want to read our guide to Roblox, and our guide to video game currencies.

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8. Books

RoosterMoney kids love reading, and books regularly make it only to our user’s goals. However, with an age range that stretches from primary school to teenage, there’s a pretty variety of titles that make it onto that list. We’ve gone for an incredibly beautifully illustrated and produced Folio Society gift set of Philip Pullman’s classic fantasy trilogy from the 1990s, His Dark Materials. The set includes all three books, Northern Lights, The Subtle Knife,  and The Amber Spyglass, all of which suit smart independent readers, as well as parents and children who enjoy reading transportive tales together. 

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9. Phone

Choosing a phone is a pretty personal choice for parent and child.There are lots of different handsets that make it onto the list at the end of each year, from simple, non-internet enabled devices, through to top-of-the-range handsets. We drew up this list of top five phones for kids earlier this year, and the ruggedized OUKITEL WP8 Pro remains a good choice. It’s tough chassis won’t smash in the skatepark, and at £169.99, it won’t bust the Christmas budget. It’s waterproof too, has a decent amount of RAM and memory (4GB and 64 GB respectively), a good camera, face and fingerprint recognition.

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10. Bike

The classic big Christmas gift is, of course, on our user’s lists too. Again, there’s a lot to choose from for RoosterMoney users, from early-years balance bikes, though to nippy road racers and full suspensions mountain bicycles. If we had to pick one, we’d go for the Cuda Trace kids bike. It has scaled-down brake levers for smaller hands, seven-speed Shimano gears, and fat enough Kenda tyres to deal with most roads, pavements, mud paths and gravel tracks.

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