Are your kids a bit crafty? Try channeling those creative skills to make things people might want to buy this summer! They can sell to friends and family or even people halfway across the world online (with your help and permission, of course) 😄

Whatever age they are, you should find some ideas below, some of which were inspired by our Money Challenge winners earlier this year…

Some ideas to get you started:

🧵 Sewing, knitting and crocheting

Your kids can use their sewing, knitting, or crocheting skills to make hats, scarves, headbands, blankets… the possibilities are endless!

Credit: Our customer service manager Alice
💎 Creating ornaments and jewellery

They can create Christmas ornaments or some beautiful handmade jewellery like these.

Credit: ConsumerCrafts
💌 Creating personalised cards

Cards are always a great option-  they can make personalised cards for birthdays or even a big batch for special occasions like weddings!

Credit: Card made from recycled materials by Rooster Bethany Stones
📚 Creating bookmarks or book covers

Inspired by one of our Rooster Entrepreneurs, your kids can make bookmarks from old books. Old books are widely available in charity shops (or tucked away at home somewhere) for very little money and they can sell the bookmarks to make some profit!

Credit: Fun bookmarks made by Rooster Phoebe Mullen
🧼 Homemade soaps and lotions

Check out this awesome homemade rainbow soap you can make with your kids and 21 creative handmade soap recipes for beginners to help with ideas!

🔑 Creative keychains

Keychains are one of the most popular souvenirs or gifts to give so it’s a good option for kids to make! From ribbon keychains to beaded keychains, here are 50 DIY keychain ideas to spark inspiration.

🌱 Homemade, recycled plant pots

Something different and environmentally friendly – creating plant pots from recycled water bottles!

Credit: Plant pots by Rooster Alana Mosimann

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