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Set up chores for your kids

Either create a list of chores your child has to complete to earn their allowance or set ‘extra earners’ throughout the week to help them top up their account.

For the young ones who find it hard to wait for allowance day, their chores list can all be ‘extra earners’, so they can get that instant gratification of a job done!


Adapted to suit your routine

We’ve made scheduling chores easy. You have the option to set chores that repeat weekly or monthly, or just as a one-off for that day – whatever suits your family’s routine!


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Paying children for completing chores is a great way to start teaching essential life skills. I understand it isn’t for everyone, because you may consider chores as a family task, but you can still pay your children for jobs that you might otherwise pay someone else to do, such as cleaning the car or clearing out weeds in the garden. This will give them an important lesson about the value of money – helping them understand that it isn’t free from the bank!

Kalpana FitzpatrickFounder of MummyMoneyMatters.com and personal finance editor

Kids can manage their chores too

Kids can have their own log-in details to view their chores, mark them as complete and submit them for approval. You’ll get notified when they’re done!


Photo proof

Kids can also send parents photo proof of a job well done. They just need to tap on their chore, click ‘Done’ and they’ll have the option to send a photo along with the chore for approval!


Flexible allowance options

As the parent or guardian, you can decide how much allowance they get if they haven’t done all their chores. You can give the full allowance, none at all, or a percentage based on how many jobs they’ve done – the choice is yours!

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