Here are a handful of tips on how your family can make the most of your Rooster Card during this lockdown!

1) Safer online spending ?

  • Spending hasn’t stopped, it’s just moved online. And with the rise of popular online games like Roblox and Fortnite, the Rooster Card can be a great way to manage spending online.
  • With our one-time CVV code which is generated in the app between purchases, instead of the standard static CVV printed in the back of most cards – the Rooster Card is a safer way to shop online (an important skill for kids to master!)

2) Contactless spending at the shops (that are still open) ?

  • For those shops that are still open, they’ve almost all gone cashless now, so your children will need a card to pay for most things. The Rooster Card is contactless, making it quick and easy to pay for things if you do have to venture out.

3) More chores with the kids at home? Keep track ?

  • We can still keep up those lessons about earning, and we’re seeing a lot of new chore routines pop up now the kids are back at home! Our market-leading chore tracking system is the ideal way to set, track, and reward for chores. The app is designed to suit whatever system works for your family: daily chores, weekly chores, ad hoc jobs, you name it!

4) Let family & friends contribute to your child’s savings ?‍?‍?‍?

  • We know we can’t see our loved ones at the moment, but if there are birthdays coming up, or leftover Christmas money lying around, the Rooster Card is a great way to easily receive and keep track of cash gifts.

5) Continue to teach good money habits ?

  • Lessons about money happen all the time, and with our kids at home, there might actually be more opportunities to have those valuable conversations about money. Check out our ‘Stay at home’ challenges for some inspiration. 
  • Being able to visualise their money in the app and manage it between the spend, save, give, and goals pots, is a great first step to developing good money habits for life. That doesn’t have to stop just because we’re stuck at home! Who knows, they might follow the rest of us, and start saving a bit more of their pocket money.
  • Make the most of advanced features like setting interest rates, and regulars to teach money concepts like compound interest and creating a budget.

6) Connect RoosterMoney with your other devices ?

  • If you’re keen to limit screen-time you can enable the RoosterMoney skill on Alexa and then your kids can check their outstanding chores and pocket money balances by asking Alexa!

7) Give your child a sense of independence ?

  • Having their very own debit card and app gives children an enormous sense of independence and responsibility, which are vital to developing financial confidence.

8) Give yourself oversight of their money ?

  • The flip side of handing over that responsibility is losing the sense of control. However, with the Rooster Card, you can keep track of what they have, what they’re earning, and most importantly what they’re spending on; thanks to features like instant spending notifications!
  • You can also set daily, weekly, or monthly spending limits. And don’t forget the cards are built with kids in mind, so they can’t spend on certain things like betting, off-licences, or any retailer with age limits.

We hope this helps you and your family make the most out of the Rooster Card during lockdown. Please let us know if you have any other questions by emailing us at or by chatting to us in the app!