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Future Copy 3

#20 Future me

Stay at home challenge – Future me. This challenge is about having fun with all the possibilities ahead of you.


5 Fun Money Games for Kids

Money games for kids are a great way to introduce the concept of money in a fun and safe way. Check out these fun board games, activities and online games!

Pay Copy 2

#19 Which way to pay?

Stay at home challenge – Which way to pay? Cash is fairly easy for kids to understand, but other methods from plastic cards to smartphones can be trickier for kids to get their head’s around.

Molife family story 503 411

Rooster Family Story: Meet the Molife Family

Elizabeth uses RoosterMoney with her two kids (Christopher, 13 & Emmanuel, 10) to help manage their pocket money, spending and chores routine. Here they share some wisdom on how you might be able to get the most out of Rooster for your family.

Needs Blog

#18 Needs & Wants List

Stay at home challenge – Needs & Wants List. Understanding the difference between needs and wants is key to good decision making in all aspects of life, not just money.

Deals Copy 3

#17 Find the best energy deals

Stay at home challenge – Find the best energy deals. Challenge your kids to find a better deal on your gas or electricity bills by turning them into your in-house savings expert.

Wild Family 503 411

Rooster Family Story: Meet the Wild Family

Katy & Rob Todd-Wild use RoosterMoney with their three kids (Alex, 8, Sophia, 8 & Jake, 4) to help manage their pocket money and chores routine. Here they share some wisdom on how you might be able to get the most out of Rooster for your family.

Cause Copy 2

#16 Choose a cause

Stay at home challenge – Choose a cause. Discuss some potential causes your child could support, and encourage them to choose one that matches their interests and matters to them.

Savings Blog Copy

#15 Spot the best savings account

Stay at home challenge – Spot the best savings account. Get them checking comparison tables of children’s savings accounts, and find an account paying the highest interest.

Shop Copy 3

#14 Set up shop

Stay at home challenge – Set up shop. Playing shop is a great activity for the imagination as well as practicing some mental arithmetic.

How to organize your family chores list?

Chores are a necessary part of daily life, but that doesn’t mean they have to be a burden. In fact, if you have kids, not only can you get them involved in the family chores, but find the right system, and you can turn it into an educational experience for them too.

Fridge Copy 2

#13 Fridge Raiders

Stay at home challenge – Fridge Raiders. A simple game about a simple but important money concept – Needs vs Wants.

Selling Blog Copy

#12 Start Selling

Stay at home challenge – Start Selling. A great way to help your kids earn some money that may also help with the spring cleaning!

RoosterMoney during Covid-19

We’re glad to say we’re still fully operational during this time. In fact, with many of us spending more time at home, we feel our mission is now more important than ever.

Dinner Copy 3

#11 Family Dinner Party

Stay at home challenge – Family Dinner Party. This one is a great way to bring together a lot of big money lessons in one simple… meal! Get the kids to organise Saturday night’s dinner.

Pound Copy 2

#10 – 1¢ or $1000?

Stay at home challenge – 1¢ or $1000? Which would you choose? It’s a simple question, with a surprising answer. And a great lesson on the power of compound interest, for all of us.

Goals Blog Copy

#9 Aiming for Goals

Stay at home challenge – Aiming for Goals. Kids love thinking about what they want, and what they can buy. So use that enthusiasm to help them draw up their own budget.

Wallet Workout Blog Copy 2

#8 Wallet Workout

Stay at home challenge – Wallet workout. Quite simply, your kids tip out all the cards in your wallet, but this time, instead of getting angry, you turn it into a money lesson!

Work Blog Copy

#7 What do I do all day?

Stay at home challenge – What do I do all day? Take this opportunity to talk to your kids about your job? What do you do, and why? It could get them thinking about what they want to do too.

Tuck Shop Blog Copy 3

#6 Home Tuck Shop

Stay at home challenge – Set up a tuck shop at home. Laura Symond’s genius way of keeping the kids from nagging for sweets whilst also teaching them some valuable money lessons.

SHC_Board_Blog Copy 4

#5 Retro Board Games

Stay at home challenge – Dust off those retro board games. Monopoly and The Game of Life are great games that involve concepts like earning and saving, so are full of valuable lessons.

SHC_Entrepreneur_Blog Copy 3

#4 Unleash Their Inner Entrepreneur

Stay at home challenge – Inner Entrepreneur. Could your kids be the next Bill Gates? This activity is all about getting their creative & business minds going !🤓📊👩‍💻👨‍💻💡⠀


#3 Wizard Chess

Stay at home challenge – Wizard Chess. Get a couple of big bags of pennies (or anything that’s stackable), and a chessboard. A great way to show the power of compound interest.


#2 Clear the Clutter

Stay at home challenge – Clear the clutter – A great wat to introduce the concept of ‘needs’ and ‘wants’, and get the bedroom tidy.

Bank Note Challenge 511x403

#1 Design your own bank note

Stay at home challenge – Ask your kids to design their own bank note? Who would they feature on it? What other important information needs to be on there?

Blog Copy 2

New Year, New Allowance Routine

New Year, New Start – and a great time to introduce a new allowance routine. Allowance is a brilliant way to help your children learn about managing money. It can kick start conversations about budgeting, saving and working for rewards. If your children have been given cash for Christmas, they can add allowance to get closer to big savings goals.

5 Fun & Educational Gift Ideas

Christmas is sneaking upon us… and fast! So if you’re still looking for last-minute gift ideas then look no further. Here are 5 fun & educational gift ideas this holiday season!

Rooster Hero: Mrs Claus

This month we spoke to Mrs. Claus! 🤶 Santa’s always been in the spotlight delivering presents and bringing good cheer, but Mrs. Claus is the mastermind running the operations in the North Pole to make sure everyone gets their presents each year.

Screen time Large

Managing screen time for your children

Many parents worry about how much time their children should spend staring at screens. Nowadays, we’re surrounded by televisions, smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles and computers. Here’s some help on how to manage it all.

Snowball Interest Large

Talking About Compound Interest

Compound interest is the super power that expands your savings – or makes a mountain of debt. The earlier you understand compound interest, the earlier you can start making the most of it!


Ways to save money for your family

We know saving for your children is high on many parent’s list of priorities and can become stressful when you think of all the things you would like to help your little ones with. So here’s a few tips to get you started.

Earning Large

The Advantages of Child’s Allowance – A Parent’s Guide

It may just seem like another expense in the long list of regular outgoings, but there’s a number of very good reasons behind why we’ve been giving a regular amount of money to children for the past two hundred years. So let’s look at the advantages of giving allowance!

Earning Header Large

Talking About Earning

Sadly, money doesn’t always appear magically as pocket money or birthday presents. Helping kids earn cash, rather than just handing it out, can teach them about the value of money.

needs and wants image

Talking About Needs And Wants

Introducing the difference between Needs and Wants will help your kids decide where to spend right now, and even how to budget in later life. Win-win.

Fun Math Games for Kids

This month we’ve got some interactive games – both physical and digital – that helps explain math to kids in a fun and interactive way.

Rooster Family Story: Meet the Kylven Family

Ross Kylven and his family have been using RoosterMoney since September last year to help better manage their money habits. Dad to Carter and Michelle, Ross runs theFIway.com and advocates financial literacy and independence.

Rooster Hero: Santa Claus

This month we spoke to Santa Claus 🎅! Santa is the CEO of Christmas Co. located in the North Pole. With the help of Mrs. Claus, the elves and their reindeer, they’re in the business of bringing cheer during the holiday season every year.


Talking About Interest

Explaining the basic concept of interest can really jump start your child’s enthusiasm for saving and help avoid running up debts in later life.

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Ted Talks For Kids

All of us at RoosterHQ enjoy a good Ted Talk. They’re short, insightful and a lot of the time, they’re funny and entertaining too! We also think they provide some great ‘kidspiration’! So here’s our favourite Ted Talks for Kids. From engaging ways to get children into engineering, to the small questions asked that can […]

Pocket Money Reward Chart Template

Many families on RoosterMoney use a reward chart and star charts to help manage their children’s pocket money or get them involved in household jobs! We have created a free reward chart template to make it easy for you to print off a customisable reward chart. To create your chart, choose from the tasks under […]