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New Feature
What’s new in RoosterMoney. Here we share the latest and greatest features as they’re launched in the App.

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NatWest Rooster Money

We’ve got some BIG news!

Spot something different about us? Last year, Rooster Money became part of the NatWest Group and we are now officially NatWest Rooster Money! Exciting, right?

No more forgetting with Chore reminders

With app version 7.7.0 there are no more excuses for messy bedrooms.  Now when you go to add a new Chore – or edit an existing one – you’ll have the option to add a reminder for your child.

See card decline reasons in app

With app version 7.5.0 you and your kids can now find detailed card decline reasons in the app. These can be found in your child’s Spend pot or on their Statement, which can also be accessed straight from their Manage Card screen. Whether a payment didn’t go through because a spend limit was hit or […]