Chore routines can be hard to get into when homework needs completing and work schedules are packed. In the summer, it’s a little easier, as offices slow down a little, and schools close. This summer, why not challenge yourself and your kids to set up a new chore routine, using these summer-themed jobs as a starting point? 

🚮 Get them helping the environment, by doing a little public litter picking

Plenty of children want to look after the environment, though it isn’t always easy to offer them clear and simple ways to care for the planet. This summer, when you’re at the beach, out in a park, or somewhere else that should look pretty natural, why not see if the kids will help pick up a little litter? Everyone can find old bottles, balls, or perhaps pieces of nylon rope washed up on the tide line; meanwhile, in parks and outdoor spaces, plenty of people get litter close to the bin, without actually putting it in. 

Spend five minutes clearing away this rubbish, and you could reward them with a little extra pocket money, which they could put in a special custom-made environmental Pot in Rooster Money (find out how to make your own Pots here).

🥣 Get them to look after themselves, by making their own breakfast

Cooking can be fun, but selecting a balanced, healthy diet is harder work. Many parents prefer to keep control of midday and evening meals, to ensure kids get the nutrients they need. However, breakfast is probably the one time you can get your children to both make their own meal, and tidy up after themselves. And with no school bell pressuring them to get out of the door, the summer break is a good time to get them into breakfast. Start by getting them to sort out their own toast or cereal, and, if that goes well, see if you can convince them to wash up too.

🏃‍♀️Get them active, with a Fitbit Challenge

Without having to walk to school or take part in sports, the summer can be a pretty lazy time for kids. If your children need a little activation, try hooking Rooster Money up to their Fitbit. You can add a special Fitbit feature via the smart applet service IFTTT. Switch it on and you’ll boost your child’s Give pot every time they reach their daily steps goal. They get active, and you both help a charity. Find out more here.

🛏️ Get them helping out around the house, by learning to tidy up

Some kids appreciate a clean house, though they don’t really like to think about the amount of housework required to keep it tidy. Rather than expecting kids to help out generally with domestic tidiness, it might be worth allocating one child one single job to do over the summer, in return for extra money. You could ask them to empty the dishwasher, make the beds, take out the recycling, or tidy their room. Start small, stick with it, and praise them when they complete the job, and you could end up lifting a little of the domestic load.

🐓How NatWest Rooster Money can help

We really hope Rooster Money can help you this summer. The app’s chore feature enables you to set tasks and pay for them, all through your phone. They can be regular or one-off jobs, and you can even add a picture. Find out more about this feature here.