Over the coming weeks we’ll be sharing smart overviews and RoosterMoney how-tos, that can help your family have a fun, safe, educational and productive summer.

Summer can be a great time for parents and kids, so long as you devote a little planning to those long, hot weeks of free time. Struggling to add a little structure? RoosterMoney is here to help. Our new Summer Guide will take you from the final bell right through to the first day back.

📄 End of Term Report

School might be out, but many parents are still thinking over that crucial end-of-term report. What was your child’s like, and how did you react? We share some tips in our guide on how you can use their end of term report in encouraging good behaviour.

📈 Summer Stock Market Challenge

If you’re looking for a good game, and the chance to teach kids about the wider financial world, try our fantasy Stock Market Challenge. It offers kids the chance to pick shares in well-known companies such as Disney or Nike, track the prices over the summer break; they could also be in with a chance to win an Amazon voucher in our competition. Find out more here.

☀️ Top Summer Outdoor Toys

Searching for a bit more fun in your own backyard (or even at the park or the beach)? Then check out our Top 5 Summer Outdoor Toys here. The list includes a very powerful, electric water pistol!

🏕️ Out and About Guide

If you’re ready to start taking your kids out once more to zoos and museums, campsites, and perhaps even on holiday again, we’ve a few financial tips to help you ease into the height of summer. You can read them here.

🍋How kids can become entrepreneurs this summer

Stuck for something to do? We’ve put together a few activities that could turn your son or daughter into a smart young business owner. Read them in full here.

Coming soon...

Over the coming days we’ll also bring you further articles. If you’d like your children to put in a bit more work around the house, you should look out for our piece on summer chores, and if you’re worried about your children falling prey to financial fraudsters, we advise you also read our forthcoming overview of the best ways to avoid scams and stay safe online. 

From excelling in squirt-gun shoot outs to painlessly exiting through the gift shop, we’ve got you covered this summer!

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